EmblaHello. My name is Embla
I’m originally from Sweden, but am currently living in a small village on the Danish countryside, together with a very small dog, and a not so small boyfriend.
I work as a children’s illustrator, and I paint as a hobby, so most of my time is spent in the studio. Occasionally I drop the brush and solve puzzles, stand on my hands, plant vegetables or learn about mushrooms.
It’s a very small and uneventful world I live in, but I’m very happy about it. I spent a bunch of years living in caravans in weird places (and not in the chill hippie kind of way, more like the poor and depressed kind), so I am extremely grateful for things finally falling into place, and the chance to live happily within my comfort zone for a while.

I’ve always had a pretty intense interest for creating. An old report card about me from kindergarten says that: “she mostly just wants to paint”, and that still has not changed. I am one of those kids who didn’t stop drawing when I grew up, so it’s thanks to about 20 years of trial and error that my work looks like it does today.

After years of drawing and painting every spare minute, I was encouraged by my boyfriend to start uploading my work on the internet (thanks boyfriend!). And that’s how art eventually went from being a hobby, and became my job.My previous work with kids, as a nanny, circus trainer, face painter and teacher reflected on my art, and it naturally developed into children’s illustration.Rita

I easily get so absorbed in painting that I forget the world around me (sometimes I forget eating and sleeping too) and I usually catch the same feeling as is shown in the project I’m working on. This is why I prefer painting happy and/or peaceful motives. Because then, when I paint all day, I get to be happy and peaceful all day. I hope that what I paint can make others happy, too.