How to order a custom illustration

Here’s a bit of information about how it works when you commission me for an illustration.

Some things you might want to look at first:

  • If you are a self publishing author, looking to hire me for a children’s book, this page may still apply to you, but click HERE to find out about the book-making process specifically.
  • If you’re looking to buy an already existing piece that you’ve seen in my portfolio or social media, send me a message to find out if it’s available for sale.
  • Or maybe you just want a print instead? There’s a print shop right HERE

Now let’s get to the commission-stuff!

What’s the procedure?

Every project is different, and require different amounts of time and effort from the both of us. Therefore, the process may vary from project to project. But in general, it goes something like this:

Step 1. Contact me
Write directly to or send a message on the “contact” – page, and I’ll get back to you.

When you contact me, I want to know everything about your project. The more information you can give me, the faster we can get started on creating the illustration. A few things I will need to know is:

  • The motive, of course. If you have a vision of your illustration already, the more detailed of a description you can give me, the easier it will be for me to manifest that vision.
  • What is the illustration for? Personal use or commercial? Who is the audience?
  • Are there any specific measurements I need to stick to?
  • How soon do you need it?

If you don’t have all of this information already, don’t worry about it. We’ll figure all that out together. Once I know everything I need to, I will be able to give you a quote and a timeframe, and if we can agree on that, we’re ready to get started.
In the FAQ I take up a few things you can do to ensure that your illustration turns out the way you want it.

Step 2. The sketch.
I will likely work on several small sketches and colour-tests, to make sure the final illustration turns out as good as possible. Once I’ve found the right colour and composition, I will make a big sketch, which is the pencil-version of your illustration. I will not get started on finalizing the illustration before you have approved of the sketch. It might look something like this:scan0091Here you have a chance to ask for changes if they are needed. However, if those changes include additions that hasn’t been discussed, and making them will take me a lot of extra time, I will have to add an extra charge.

Step 3. Wait for me to finish painting.
Once the sketch has been approved, I will get started on painting, and you just have to sit back and wait for me to finish.
I will deliver it to you via email, as a high resolution JPG file – unless we have agreed on something else.

I always use watercolour for my illustrations. And depending on the type of illustration, I might also include ink or colored pencils. For this particular illustration I have used ink to outline the objects.

There! All finished!

Now, some boring stuff:

The first question I get from many clients is “how much do you charge?”. But again, since every project is different, unless the brief covers exactly everything I need to know, it is almost always impossible for me to determine the price on the first contact. I will quote based on the intended use of the illustration, and the time it takes me to create it.

How to pay?

  • I accept payments via paypal or bank transfer. If you, like most of my clients, are located anywhere outside of Scandinavia, I do encourage using paypal, as it is the cheapest option for the both of us.
  • Depending on the size of the project, I will either take the whole payment up front, or I will take 50% up front, and 50% upon delivery. You are welcome to have a saying in this as well.

Cancellation fees/refunds.
If you change your mind and decide you don’t want that illustration after all, cancellation fees will apply.

  • If you cancel before I’ve started drawing, you get a full refund.
  • If you cancel after I’ve made the sketch, you get a 60% refund.
  • If you cancel after I’ve delivered the final illustration, sorry, you get nothing back.

There are exceptions to this, for example if I didn’t follow the brief or messed up in another way, then of course we will work that out.


Copyrights and ownership.
The illustration still belongs to me. Unless otherwise is agreed upon, I keep the original and all all rights to use it.
But you do of course get your part as well. Depending on the size of your project and what it will be used for, we will either sign a contract or I’ll provide you with a receipt, which clarifies how the illustration(s) may be used, for how long, where etc.. No worries though, I’m really not as strict about it as I just made it seem.


Didn’t find the info you were looking for? I answer frequently asked questions HERE