Here are a few prints that I have available right now. 

It’s a bit empty in here. Missing something? Let me know in the contact form on the bottom of the page.

.                                          New! —->              
.                                                                                                      $12 – $20

.                      $12 – $20                                                           $10 – $18                                                             $12 – $20
.                           $10 – $18                                                            $11 – $19                                                                  $11 – $19



A bunch of practical info:

Prints are made on the same papers that I paint the originals on. That is:
200g, fine grained, 100% cellulose aquarelle paper. They are acid free and there are no optical brightening agents.
They are covered with a thin layer of fixative to protect them from UV light, and prevent smudging. This does not make them water resistant though, so keep them out of the rain.

Ordering. You can use paypal or credit card. In case you want your print shipped to a different address that the one that’s connected to that paypal/card, send me a message in the contact form down below, and we’ll sort it out.

Shipping happens on Tuesdays. If you order on a tuesday, I will let you know if your order made it in time, or if you’ll have to wait until next week.

The package reaches its country of destination in 2-6 working days, and after that, your customs determines when you get it. So if you’re planning a birthday gift or anything else with a deadline, please consider that the delivery time varies greatly depending on where you live.
There’s no way of telling exactly how long it takes, but my general experience is that to Scandinavia, it takes 3-5 days, to countries in the EU it takes 1-2 weeks. To America it could take up to 8 weeks in the unfortunate cases. To anywhere else, I have no estimation.

So far, I have never had a package disappear on me. But if you have not received it within two months after ordering, there is a good chance that it has been lost, in which case; send me a message in the contact form below, make sure to include your receipt number, and I’ll send you a new one.

Additional fees.  There may be a small conversion fee if your currency is another than USD. I’m really sorry, I can’t do anything about that. But to make it up to you, the shipping is free!



Lost package? Any complaints, suggestions or other comments? Please let me know!








This is a tiny, tiny business (it’s really just me and the dog) so at this point I’m unable to provide certain conveniences, like track/trace services on the packages, or let you order more than one print at a time. If it grows, I promise I’ll start upgrading :)